LZR7, ZX2, Next Generation, Class 4 Laser, Cold Laser, LZR7 Class IV Laser

The World's Most Powerful Cold Laser
A Class 4 Next Generation ZX2 - LZR7
FEATURING: 6.1 Watts (6,100mW)

The fastest and most powerful desktop cold laser to date. Optional emitter heads available with this 2 port laser model for maximum treatment capabilities. PAIN RELIEF, POWER AND PRECISION RESULTS, WITHOUT HEAT!

Now the most powerful cold laser in the world with a third more infrared power, and a bonus 100mW Red laser added to the emitter to support superior results and benefits for superficial inflammatory conditions.

New features:

The LZR7 Next Gen is expandable with OPTIONAL Laser Emitter Probes to choose from, including prices:

  1. Infrared/Red for 6100mW of cool power,
  2. 100 W super pulsed $6,000.
  3. 1.5 W deep penetration for $3500. That's 1500mW Deep Infrare, which is more concentrated for joints, toes, feet, hands and trigger points,
  4. 750 W with special acupoint tip for $3500.
  5. You can also get an additional 6.1 W standard emitter head comes with the main unit. A second one can be purchased for $6,500

2 pair of goggles, training DVD, and Laser Light Therapy book with numerous protocols. BONUS Training Revealed below.

We won't be beat on price, service or training. This is an AMAZING Practitioner Laser, which is essentially a CLASS 4 Laser that has been developed by a Doctor to work without heating tissue. You get all the fast pain relieving benefits of a Class IV Laser without the heat and the dangers that come with it. You don't have to keep the laser head moving continuously in order to prevent damaging tissue. You get the speed and the power and the results with a perfect treatment dose every time.

Price is $12,995 Call for BEST Price!

NEW - With Laser Purchase
FREE eBook on Cold Laser Therapy w/ Over 250 Protocols
We now offer our exclusive Cold Laser Therapy ebook with every laser purchase. You will learn how to treat over 250 symptoms and conditions with the 22 most important acupoints of the human body, plus learn about the healing power of using lasers on the microsystems with two BONUS Auricular therapy charts included.

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LZR7 Next Generation ZX2 Class 4 Cold Laser for Fast Pain Relief. Class IV Lasers.




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