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PowerLaser Basic 500

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The PowerLaser Basic 500 is a therapeutic laser primarily for private use. It is, however, also used by some practitioners.

The PowerLaser Basic 500 is used primarily for the treatment of a small part of the body where the laser targets a specific muscle or an acupuncture/trigger point.

Two different program options allow you to select the desired effect from treatment to treatment, the time setting is the same. The desired program is selected by pushing a button, which is also used to start and stop the laser. The laser makes a sound when it starts and stops.

Accessories include an acupuncture tip and a light guide (primarily for dental use), which can be attached to the PowerLaser Basic 500. 

The PowerLaser Basic 500 comes with a 2-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

PowerLaser Basic 500


Laser class 3B
Number of laser diodes 1
Treatment area Trigger points
Laser wavelength 808 nm
Laser output power 100-500 mW
Programs 2
Length 9 ½ in
Width 1 ¼ in
Weight (including battery) 7 oz
Battery capacity (Li) 3 hours
Recharge time 2 hours

Investment in the PowerLaser PRO 500 Includes:

  • 1 PowerLaser PRO 500
  • 100 - 500mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelength
  • 250 BONUS Protocols Book by Kalon Prensky and Monte Cunningham
  • EXTRA BATTERY for longer clinical use
  • FREE SHIPPING (ships in 3-5 days)
Cold Laser Trigger Point Therapy - PowerLaser Basic 500

PowerLaser Accessories

PowerLaser Black Bag

Black Leather Bag

Bag made out of soft, black sheep leather to protect your laser against dirt, scratches, and dents.

Use the leather bag for storing your laser at the clinic or to protect it when you are on the go.

Three separate compartments so you can store the laser, charger and an extra battery separately and avoid scratching the laser. A simple and effective way to protect your laser so it lasts for many years.

PowerLaser Case Shockproof Plastic

Shockproof Plastic PowerLaser Case

Shockproof case made out of hard plastic protects your laser against bumps so you avoid dirt, scratches, and damages to the laser. Use the case for storing your laser at the clinic or to protect it when you are on the go. Lined with molded foam to keep the laser, charger and extra battery separate and to avoid damage from shakes and bangs. A simple and effective way to protect your laser so it lasts for many years.

PowerLaser Light Guide

Light Guide

With a light guide, the PowerLaser PRO 500 or PowerLaser Basic 500 can be used for oral treatment. As a dentist or dental hygenist, you can use the laser to stimulate the healing process of wounds from surgery, as well as treatment of blisters.

PowerLaser Acupuncture Lens

Acupuncture Lens

With an acupuncture lens attached to the PowerLaser PRO 500 or PowerLaser BASIC 500, the laser can be used for acupuncture treatment instead of needles.

The acupuncture lens is easily attached to the laser instead of the standard diverging lens – simple.

The acupuncture points are stimulated by touching the skin with the acupuncture lens and pointing the tip directly towards the desired acupuncture point.

Laser acupuncture is great for patients who are afraid of needles.

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HyperPulsed: An Affordable Class 3B Laser, with the Punch of Class 4

The PowerLaser PRO Series comes with a brand new, proprietary technology that we call HyperPulsed TM.

The energy is delivered in high peak pulses of a staggering 1000 mW per diode, pulsed with a duty cycle of 50%, so the resulting average output power is 500 mW per diode.

Traditional Continuous Wave vs. HyperPulsed Technology

Continuous Wave LaserPowerMedic Lasers HyperPulsed Technology

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The PowerLaser series is designed with a focus on user friendliness, ergonomic use, as well as a simple, stylish and aesthetic Scandinavian design. This means greater satisfaction for the user and it signals professionalism.

The PowerLasers are class 3B lasers, which WALT recommends for therapeutic use, and they areHyperPulsed™. This means that the energy is delivered in impulses with a higher output power. This ensures a deeper penetration and a more effective therapy without a risk of burn – which is beneficial to your results and your patient's satisfaction.

PowerLasers run on batteries, which ensures greater freedom for both the practitioner and the patient when selecting the position and the treatment location. The PowerLaser can be used with one hand, and mobile users are able to bring the laser with them to the treatment location.

The PowerLasers come standard with Lithium Ion batteries, as they last and run longer.

The PowerLasers come with a 2-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects.


Annex V, section 3.2 – Production Quality Assurance. EN 60601-2-22:1996.

93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Class 2a medical devices.

Class 3B laser products.

The PowerLaser is CE certified for the following indications:

    • Arthritis
    • Inflammation
    • Epicondylitis
    • Myofascial pain
    • Wound healing

The PowerLaser is FDA approved for the following:

    • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm
    • Temporary increase in local blood circulation
    • Temporary relaxation of muscles
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